Enterprise Applications


Custom Application Development

Applications tailored to client specific business requirements are developed by leveraging industry best practices and technologies.


Applications Framework Development

Application frameworks allow end-users to create their applications with minimal or no-coding.


Marketing Applications Development

Campaign management, event management, digital asset management and market research applications have been developed for digital marketing agencies and marketing companies.


Network Management Applications Development

Network management applications help IT administrators manage their cloud based and local enterprise IT infrastructures comprising of network elements, users and software.


Financial Services Applications Development

Financial Technology applications developed include Customer Relationship Management, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Retail Banking, Loan Origination, Private Banking, Treasury, Corporate Banking, Insurance and Liquidity management.


Security Framework Development

An enterprise security solution to proactively shield enterprise assets by creating an e-fence that uses software based security constructs to replace physical appliances with logical components that operate under the control of the application owner.


Unified Communication Applications Development

Unified communication applications spanning across system applications for devices, web-applications deployed on cloud and mobile applications.


Product Reengineering

We recommend and execute application modernization strategies considering technology and business trends, for applications that are built over a period of time.


IaaS and PaaS Support

Analyse, transition and maintain the client’s application portfolio to ensure that they get the best out of their IT applications.


User Interface Design and Development

We consider end users as the focal point of an application and use appropriate techniques such as wire-framing and rapid prototyping, contextually, for design and development of user friendly applications.


Portal and Content Management Development

Content management and collaboration portals were developed using WordPress, Sitecore and SharePoint for enabling multi-site white-labeled roll-outs for end customers.


Game Development

2D Games for game development companies using web and mobile technologies.


Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard enables decision making and is most desired by business users.