Application Testing


Our application testing competencies include:

Web applications testing, cloud applications testing, desktop applications testing, mobile applications testing, user experience / usability testing, systems integration testing, mobile platforms and frameworks testing, embedded systems testing, systems software testing, device drivers testing, firmware testing.

Summary of our application testing experience is highlighted below:

Web Applications Testing

  • Different levels of testing (Smoke, Functional, Regression, Compatibility, Exploratory, User Acceptance)
  • Compatibility Testing on Web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), OS (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and devices (Smartphones, Tablets)
  • End-to-end system testing to ensure application functions as expected and data integrity is maintained between system components
  • Testing on multiple environments (QA, Staging, Production Test and Live)
  • End-to-end alpha and beta testing

Mobile Applications Testing

  • Functional and UI testing of Native and hybrid application
  • Device matrix of Android, iOS and Windows devices for testing
  • Mobile and tablet devices testing, on physical devices, virtual devices on cloud and emulators
  • Testing in different network modes (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE), network types (Wi-Fi, Data)
  • Testing based on screen resolution, screen size, screen orientation and keyboard orientation/customization
  • Download of native app builds from Razzlabs, Hockeyapp, AppStore and iTunes

Responsive Design Testing

  • Responsive design testing on devices with screen size ranging from 4.5 inches to 20 inches
  • Devices and Browser selection based on User Surveys, Traffic Data or Google Analytics
  • Identify breakpoints and modules for different device screen sizes
  • Device coverage strategy to perform testing on devices in cloud and on-premises
  • Synchronized testing and remote debugging using Ghostlab tool

Cloud Applications Testing

  • Testing of cloud based workforce management web and mobile application
  • Testing of mobile app integrated with Firebase Cloud Messaging for distributing notifications based on System & Location subscription
  • Testing of web applications deployed on cloud (AWS, Azure)

Pixel Perfection Testing

  • Pixel Perfection Testing covering Screen Pixel, Layout, Grid, Color, Typography, Forms and tables, Navigation using Chrome Perfect Pixel overlay and Adobe tools

Application Security Testing

  • Mobile application security platform testing
  • Validation of security policies enforcement
  • Certify security policies by designing and executing a comprehensive test suite (Authentication & Authorization, Application Configuration & Customization, Secure Data Sharing, SSO for Trusted Apps, Data Encryption, Device Posture, Client & Trusted Server Certificates, Secure VPN Connectivity)
  • Web application security, data integrity and multi-channel accessibility / compatibility
  • Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
  • Web application security testing focused on Session Management, Authentication & Authorization, Encoding, Encryption & Confidentiality, Server Access Management, Data Validation, Error Handling & Logging, SSL / TLS Testing, Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection

Social Media Solutions Integration Testing

  • Validation of business rules on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integrated with test application / website