Learning Management Application

  • Mobile Learning Management System
    • Provide students and professors with contextual access to information on mobile devices
    • Mobile Learning Management supports the following features for students and professors:
      • Time Table, Assignment, Exam, Calendar, Content, Chat, Forum, Survey, Attendance, Evaluation, Reports
    • Information is stored and managed from a central server
  • Improved Experience – Sample Scenarios
    • As is : Student has access to information from library, lab or at home
    • To be: Information is delivered to students through Wi-Fi or mobile data
    • As is : Capturing, recording and reporting attendance is operation intensive
    • To be: Mark absentees on mobile device. That’s it.
    • As is: Students clarify doubts in the classroom or faculty room or sometimes just lives with the doubt.
    • To be: Classroom peers, group peers and faculty are made available real time to clarify doubts and share information instantaneously