Networking Products Testing


We have worked closely with networking and telecom product development companies in testing wired network elements, Wi-Fi network components and wireless protocols enabling launch of stable product to market on time.

Some of the Products and their features we have tested include:

  • Broadband Remote Access Server
    • IP address management using DHCP and PPPoE, subscriber management, Quality of Service, bandwidth management, scalability and throughput, video testing (multicast deliver, PIM, IGMP snooping/proxy), tunneling (L2TP), IP layer (IP forwarding, OSPF protocol)
  • Layer 2 switching testing
    • 802.1 q vlan, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP, RSTP and MSTP), Link Aggregation Protocol, Layer 2 Quality of Service
  • Layer 3 Routing
    • IP subnet, Protocols (IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICM, ARP, RARP, Proxy ARP), IP forwarding (ECMP), Routing protocols (RIP v1 and v2, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, IRDP, BFD), Multicasting protocols (IGMP, PIM, SNMP)
  • IP Core Networks Testing
    • Multi-service aggregation, Operations and Management, Command Line Interface, DNS, Local logging, Syslogging, Network Time Protocol, TELNET, SSH, FTP,TFTP, SFTP,SCP
    • IPv4 routing, Short haul and Long haul interfaces at 1G/10G rates, high availability control plane, non-stop forwarding and route convergence, scalability testing on IPv4 routes, latency and jitter, interoperability with market leading equipment, Diffserv and Intserv based Quality of Service
  • Security testing
    • Control plane and data plane security, device access security for administrators using AAA servers, command authorization using TCACS+, control plane policing using rate-limit, data path using DPI, IPsec protocol