Product Reengineering


We recommend and execute application modernization strategies considering technology and business trends for applications that are built over a period of time.

  • Re-architected applications to micro-services architecture
  • Modernized user interfaces of existing enterprise applications and enabled access across mobile devices and personal computers
  • Transforming EXTJS based user interface into a responsive user interface using Angular 4, Clarity CSS, Bootstrap and D3 Charts
  • Data ingestion and transformation from RDBMS to NOSQL Database using Continuent Tungsten, Kafka, RabbitMQ and ElasticSearch
  • Orchestrating workflow using Netflix Conductor, Eureka, Ribbon, Spring Cloud Config, Elastic Search, Redis
  • API Micro-services development using NodeJS, Restful web-services, GraphQL, Spring, Spring MVC, and Apache Camel
  • Keeping the development, staging and production environments consistent using Docker
  • Deploying applications across cloud platforms using Cloud Foundry
  • Migrated VB6 applications to .NET web applications and Winform applications