Test Automation Framework


Our test automation services enable rapid deployment of automation frameworks and scripts for accelerated testing and significant reduction in time to market.


  • Stable product across release cycles
  • Reduction in regression test cycle time by 60%
  • Compatibility across different browsers, devices and multiple environments
  • Faster time to market

Tools Used

  • Open-source Tools: Selenium, Appium, Protractor and SOAPUI
  • Commercial Tools: SmartBear TestComplete, HP UFT, IBM RFT, Telerik Test Studio, Coded UI and EggPlant
  • Testing Frameworks: TestNG, JUnit, Jasmine and Cucumber
  • Build Tools: Maven and Jenkins

Automation Framework

Salient Features of Automation Framework


  • Reusable code, libraries and APIs are used for automation script development

Tools Engine

  • Utilities and libraries interface with industry standard test automation tools


  • Utilities and libraries can be easily extended to adapt to new technologies and tools

Multiple OS, Mobile and Browser Support

  • Supports execution of automated test scripts on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems
  • Supports execution of automated test scripts on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers

Cloud Support

  • Supports execution of automated test scripts on mobile devices available on cloud


  • Integrates with external software programs such as MS-Excel for reading test data and reporting
  • Supports web technologies built using JavaScript Frameworks, WPF, WinForms, WebForms, Silverlight and Siebel specific UI framework

Localization Support

  • Automated test scripts can be executed on multiple locales

UI Elements Validation Support

  • Validation of UI elements and its properties

Distributed Testing

  • Automated test scripts can be executed in parallel on multiple hosts (physical machines, virtual machines and mobile devices)


  • Logging and reporting of executed test scripts and defects along with screenshots of the test applications

UI Performance Statistics

  • Capturing UI elements response time for varied data volumes

Generic Utilities and Libraries

  • Communicate test audit and results via email, FTP and GUI