Software Consortium’s combined technical excellence and unparalleled teaming abilities mean high performance results for our commercial and government clients.

Software Consortium’s track record for delivering solutions that achieve our clients’ strategic and tactical goals is as strong for enterprise, mid-market and fast growth companies as it is for state and local governments. As pragmatic technology trendsetters who have deep experience with teaming best practices and all major software technology platforms, we integrate quickly with your team and other partners to bring rapid results. Software Consortium’s teams and partners bring out the best in human capital from the entire team — your people and ours.

Whether you need to meet regulatory requirements, want to leverage a newer platform like mobile or the cloud, launch first-to-market innovation or bring greater efficiency to your business processes, Software Consortium’s experience and partnering model help you realize your goals.

To create a competitive advantage, leverage experienced talent and minimize exposure to risk, you need a technology partner who has a track record of success.

Smaller organizations cannot dedicate the significant time and resources to develop systems and processes that are necessary to compete and achieve their goals. Software Consortium provides the talent you need —people who deliver the strategic and tactical expertise — in just the right proportions and timing.

For example, the choice of technology platform, be it Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Google, etc., will be a decision that has ramifications for your future. The right choice will perform today as well as reduce costs and potential chaos when you add 10–50 employees. Software Consortium has been helping growing organizations make the wisest technology, platform and process choices for decades.

With Software Consortium as your software technology partner, you will gain a strategic eye on your company’s goals, culture and business objectives while reaping the benefits of scalable solutions that will fuel your growth now and in the future.

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Software Consortium combines industry knowledge with deep technology expertise to deliver solutions that help mid-market clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

Getting the competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing technical landscape requires top talent. Attracting and retaining the skills you need, in the timeframes you need them, can be challenging for mid-sized companies.

Software Consortium has provided such services to its mid-market clients for more than 25 years. Our model delivers the technical solutions you need with teams and individuals who provide the strategic and tactical expertise in proportion to your organization.

Whether your goal is developing an agile application, helping architect a new mobile capability, integrating with the cloud or getting a troubled project back on track, Software Consortium will focus on building trust and getting results. In addition, Software Consortium teams are closely allied with internal experts and partners who can quickly provide industry-specific expertise in areas of finance, human capital, healthcare, insurance and other areas, ensuring seamless integration of subject matter expertise into the team.

With Software Consortium as your software technology partner, you will have the capability to create cost effective solutions that are tailored to fit your company’s needs.

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Today’s enterprises are challenged to drive secure and efficient interaction and collaboration across an increasing complexity of operations, applications and platforms.

Our ability to keep pace with technological changes while retaining our knowledge of various platforms has made us a trusted advisor to many of our region’s most prestigious organizations including GEICO, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, UPS, Black & Decker and the State of Maryland. We were first to help clients with PCs and COTS products and to assist them with the evolution of servers, n-tier technology, databases, Java, .NET, agile, cloud and now mobile.

Integrating new systems and technologies with a company that has a proven track record significantly increases your probability of success. We have deployed innovative software technologies and COTS application integrations in some of the most demanding enterprise environments including healthcare, banking, insurance and transportation. As your trusted advisor, Software Consortium will work to understand your goals and quickly align with your organizational requirements.

Whether you see the opportunity in the cloud, on a local platform, in the mobile space or need an extra set of hands to complete projects, Software Consortium helps your team enhance enterprise productivity, ensure efficient communication and collaboration and secure success.

Some common areas where we support enterprise clients include:

  • Integration of new technology
  • Program and project management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Custom software development
  • COTS implementation and integration
  • Open source technology
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Mobile integration and development
  • Cloud integration
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Mentoring
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Meeting agency goals and missions demands a partner with past performance that you can rely on to achieve results.

In choosing vendors who will help them achieve their goals and mission, federal, state and local jurisdictions are challenged with balancing budgets while obtaining high value services. Software Consortium’s track record with government clients in this regard spans decades. Our ability to coalesce a large group of people toward a common goal contributes to Software Consortium’s results. We have more than 25 years of experience with client-specific methodologies, enterprise architecture, COTS implementation, agile development, automated testing / quality assurance and big data.

Software Consortium’s government contract vehicles include:

  • State of Maryland CATS Plus Master Contractor
  • Baltimore County Public Schools, Information Technology Contracted Staffing Services
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