E-Learning Environment Solution

Software Consortium team creates e-Learning Solution for personalized learning program provider.

Software Consortium was chosen by a supplemental learning program provider to deploy a team of project managers, technology architects, developers and subject matter experts to create the Learning Environment, a low-cost, interactive, highly-scalable collaborative e-Learning solution for both K-12 and higher education programs. This real-time e-Learning tool is capable of supporting thousands of students and teachers with nearly instantaneous collaboration response time.

The Challenge

The client completed a thorough evaluation of existing Tutoring/Learning products and discovered that their unique tutoring methodology could not be applied with current product offerings.

The challenge was to develop an e-Learning Solution that “united the best educational programs, teaching methodologies and Internet technologies to create unique and powerful learning experiences”. In addition, the company had already implemented a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) product that needed to be integrated into the final solution.

The Solution

During the initial phase of the engagement, our team worked with stakeholders to define and validate system requirements for replacing and enhancing the current administrative and learning environments. Our development team collaborated with the client team to build a client-side and collaboration server. From system requirements through development, integration, testing, production release and support, Software Consortium led the entire effort.


The Software Consortium solution included:

Solid and experienced Project Management team with strong subject matter expertise in Education systems

The latest in Java-based and Microsoft technologies

A dynamic, interactive, collaborative, configuration-driven client graphical GUI

A scalable collaboration server which could process more than 1,000 messages per second for thousands of simultaneous users

Technologies included ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS, Microsoft Access, JavaScript, HTML, and XML.


In creating the administrative and e-Learning solution, the following benefits were realized:

Established client as a leader in e-Learning Systems

Requirements to initial release achieved in 4 months

Higher margins due to lower production costs

Software Consortium’s extensive experience with Software as a Service (SAAS), combined with the business model of the client, led to the development of additional systems including:

The Learning Environment

The Curriculum Server Software

Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS)


“Software Consortium provided concentrated expertise, allowing us to move quickly with a minimum of resources and a wealth of experience” – Vice President, Information Technology.

Software Consortium has been a trusted partner for over 25 years, providing project teams and key personnel for dozens of IT projects. To learn more about Software Consortium’s broad experience, please contact us.