Finance Business Applications: Software Development

Software Consortium provides technical software development and oversight to US Financial Regulatory Organization.

Software Consortium was selected to provide a Technical Architect Lead to oversee a team of 5 JAVA software developers charged with developing and maintaining 3 core business applications:


A secure web application used by firms to submit financial data for monitoring and analysis. Internal users utilized the application to view and analyze submitted data.

Work that Software Consortium performed included:

Enabled transmission of financial data to 3rd party clearing house firms.

Designed and developed the application, making it significantly more modular and easier to maintain.

Designed and developed functionality for new types of financial filings by redesigning the application’s scheduling logic.

Adopted and implemented JMS messaging via ESB for SOA integration with other applications.

Designed migration builds from Ant to Maven.

2. Automated Data Delivery System (ADDS)

Allowed internal and external users to request and download financial data.

Software Consortium led and architected the system including:

Designed and built the application from the ground up with a team of developers.

Crafted the application as a generic data delivery gateway by using a metadata-driven design.

Enabled HTTPS and SFTP access to data.

Established design and build best practices.

Provided mentoring and training to junior-level developers.

3. Report Center

Provided firms with secure access to data and reports designed to support compliance activities. This information intended to aid firms in early detection of reporting problems and to help them identify areas for improvement.

Recommended and established design guidance and code review protocols.

Designed and created a data visualization application that allows users to view municipal bond trade data in a dynamic chart similar to that found in Google Finance. Designed processes for retrieved data via jQuery AJAX calls to REST services that returned data in JSON format.

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