Healthcare: ITIL Enterprise Implementation

Software Consortium partners with health insurance giant to enhance IT Service Management.

Software Consortium was selected by our partner, a major national health insurance provider, to provide a Senior Program Manager for their Enterprise ITSM-ITIL initiative. This was a large endeavor that directly affected virtually all of IT and many employees throughout the company. The Software Consortium Program Manager was essential to the initial discovery to confirm the in-scope framework (ITIL v3 2011), applicable ITIL processes, primary ITSM tool vendors and charter to secure funding. The team grew to include ITIL process design experts, ITSM tool implementation experts, internal project team members, and subject matter experts.

Software Consortium led the design of an iterative release schedule to manage the work and expectations and helped broker the related tool and services RFPs, SOWs and contract artifacts. The client will implement the first iteration in late 2014 with additional releases throughout 2015. Ultimately these releases will comprise ITIL process design, ITSM tools consolidation, various systems integrations and a notable organizational change management and training effort.


Overall 12 of the 26 ITIL processes will be implemented, most notably: Incident, Problem, Knowledge, Request Fulfillment, Change, Release & Deploy, Service Catalog, Service Level, Event and Configuration Management. The scope also includes the utilization of a complementary tool to the ITSM platform – to aid in discovery of configuration items into the CMS/CMDB and the creation of Service Maps to enable quicker restoration, better risk mitigation of changes, and critical service level measures throughout the organization.

Beyond the technical and process work is the effort to shift the primary IT focus from technical/departmental components to a non-technical, shared lens of business services (via the new Service Catalog) to ensure that IT is better meeting the needs of the business and customers, and to provide new levels of insight for executives to manage IT more effectively. In short, the team is applying the rigor of their existing PMO to their IT Services operations.

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