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EducationTechnology has advanced education strategies with new routes to learning, online instruction and assistive technologies that serve students of every description. Software Consortium has helped industry leaders develop innovative solutions in education delivery for more than 25 years. Software Consortium collaborates with marketing, operations and information technology staff to help them assess and leverage resources to have the greatest impact at the lowest cost of development.

  • Integrated a COTS financial aid system which leveraged a blend of agile and waterfall approaches and became a “model project” to others
  • Integrated leading-edge technologies for an online training solution used as a core system in a national network of learning centers, which led the client to choose Software Consortium as their only technology partner
  • Helped a client overcome leadership failure at the CIO and director levels and aided in the transition to new leadership; helped the new CIO create more effective leadership processes going forward
  • Created new requirements for a system that had been in serious jeopardy and implemented a solution that met marketing and operational needs for hundreds of service centers
  • Educate
  • eSylvan
  • Prometric Thomson Learning
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission
  • Sylvan Learning and others