Project Info

InsuranceFor the past 25 years, Software Consortium has worked closely with many of the nation’s leading insurers. We have provided a wide range of solutions, and we have a strong track record of results. We have excelled, especially where IT and the business community have struggled with implementing platforms and processes, and could not generate business value for the level of investment. Statistically, 80 percent of IT implementations are deemed challenged; we have found that the insurance industry, due to the depth of data they manage, has unique challenges in implementing newer platforms and processes.

Software Consortium takes a common sense approach by addressing immediate problems and then helps the client assess their environment, resources and business needs. The experience of working with us builds trust and usually leads to clients engaging us for additional project opportunities.

Our knowledge of multiple generations of technology and human capital dynamics enables us to generate solutions that fit with your existing team, technology and business processes. Our collaborative approach has enabled us to routinely deliver business innovation at the lowest cost of development by leveraging your existing team and partners.

  • Developed multiple data warehouse and “Big Data” implementations
  • Developed customer-facing website and internal application for nationwide insurance company, which generates $2 billion in annual revenue
  • Developed self-service insurance rate quote system (a first in the nation)
  • Medicare Part D implementation
  • Developed complex Electronic Data Exchange for a national health insurer, processing more than 1 million eligibility transactions per day
  • Developed national health insurance customer benefits management portal (one of the first in the nation)
  • Developed Individual Marketing Organizations solution for nationwide network of insurance offices (first in the nation)
  • Created the nation’s first customer benefits management portal for a national health insurance company
  • Aetna Insurance
  • Armada Corporation
  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
  • Meritain Health
  • Monumental Life Insurance
  • St. Paul Companies and others