Maryland County Government Database Administration

Software Consortium partners with an engineering company to assist with Database installation, configuration, and implementation.

Software Consortium provided a Senior Database Administrator to assist with the installation, configuration, testing, implementation and on-going support and maintenance of an Oracle 11.2 operating system implementation for a Maryland county government system. Development, test and production environments were installed and configured at the hosting facility. Software Consortium continues to provide telephonic and on-site support for troubleshooting database-related issues and enhancement and database tuning to the systems.


Details of the project work:

Installation of Oracle Database 11g R2 Enterprise Edition software on Microsoft Windows Server 8.0 servers.

Creation of single node database on each of the servers for Enterprise production database and development database respectively.

Importation of production data into the new database using Oracle Data Pump Import utility.

Creation and optimization of indexes for both the production database and development database.

Scheduling of RMAN backups using the Oracle Enterprise Manager to perform daily incremental backups and weekly full database backups.

Creation of Oracle database user accounts for Software Developers, System Administrators and Users.

Installation and configuration of Oracle Database 11g client application on PC and laptop computers.

Testing of installation to ensure ability to connect to both remote production and development databases.

Implement schemes to maintain production database archive log files for a defined period only using RMAN to delete aged archive log files, thereby preventing possible clogging of the server file system by aged files.

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