E-Commerce Application System Support

Software Consortium provides system support and maintenance through a complementary team of technology experts for an international nutrition and weight loss company e-commerce application.

With more than $400 million in on-line sales annually, an international nutrition and weight loss company selected Software Consortium to support its mission critical e-commerce application. Software Consortium employs a team to enhance features and provide 24x7x365 support of their e-commerce website. With daily average sales close to $1 million, downtime cannot be tolerated.

Help Desk and 24x7x365 System Support

Software Consortium was selected to provide IT Help Desk and 24x7x365 incident support of production systems. The team consisted of a Service Desk Manager and off-hours support technicians that were adept in enterprise and fast-paced mission critical e-commerce environments.

Specific incident management roles performed by the team include:


First Line System Support – the team serves as the primary point of contact from users and system notifications and alerts via automated calls, automated emails, and incident report(s) that need to be validated, logged, investigated and resolved.

Enhanced Issue Identification – Software Consortium reviews/improves system support processes as applicable. As new patterns in the system are discovered, the team enhances the processes by instituting alert and escalation mechanisms.

Troubleshooting and Diagnosis – With the potential for significant revenue loss due to downtime, it is crucial to quickly and accurately assess the root cause of system incidents and then effectively engage in action plans for service restoration.

Issue Resolution – Fix | Triage | Escalate | Oversee

Once a core incident is diagnosed, the technician(s) resolves the issue or delegates to the appropriate support team(s).

Support Documentation – Software Consortium maintains an Incident Management manual for documenting incidents and corrective action plans for identification, triage, investigation, escalation and resolution. This knowledge base has evolved to include additional incidents as business operations expanded and new system capabilities and features were deployed. As a result, the actions of the support team have reduced downtime, improved customer service, and added to the bottom-line revenue.

The technical environment at the client site is complex, customized, and diverse, needing highly knowledgeable, technical and action-oriented individuals to support business operations. Software Consortium is a proud partner and dedicated to assisting in significantly reducing system downtime and improving customer service.

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