Enterprise Data Warehouse: E-Commerce Application

Software Consortium provides expertise in enterprise data warehousing to deploy a web-based Business Intelligence portal.

With more than $400 million in on-line sales annually, an international nutrition and weight loss company selected Software Consortium to support its mission critical e-commerce application. Led by a Senior Business Intelligence consultant, Software Consortium helped to deploy a Business Intelligence portal to support marketing and sales efforts.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Software Consortium was selected to provide expertise in business intelligence and management reporting for a $340M annual revenue operation. The Senior Business Intelligence consultant assisted in the design, development, and deployment of a web-based Business Intelligence portal. The portal was developed for access under the control of Active Directory groups and was designed and developed such that users could subscribe to reports from one or more folders. Once subscribed, the portal generated and delivered customized reports based on a pre-determined schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). These reports were delivered as embedded email messages and/or PDFs.


Software Consortium also assisted with the design and development of a Master Data Management (MDM) system. This consisted of customer data that was extracted from numerous systems and consolidated based on an algorithm that was developed. The resulting customer groups were leveraged to better understand customer purchase behaviors across all systems from which they buy. Reports and queries were developed so that data could be extracted, summarized and manipulated by authorized users.

Software Consortium also assisted in implementing a Sales Cube (Data Warehousing) system. Features were added to the Sales Cube utilizing SQL Server Analysis Services and data was made available for reporting and business analysis. Features were also added so that data could be refreshed daily through data feeds from various systems. Sales Cube data was utilized heavily in the reports in the Business Intelligence portal and in Excel.

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