Enterprise Data Warehouse for Health Benefit Plans

Everyone is looking for ways to cut healthcare administrative costs. A team led by high-level consulting expertise can make the difference. Software Consortium saved a national healthcare insurance provider hundreds of thousands of dollars by leveraging its Agile expertise to deliver a mission critical application well below projected costs.

In this six year project, which included four major iterations, the Software Consortium team led the solution architecture, provided management and lead development roles. Using an Agile approach, they delivered the second iteration 15% below projected costs, the third iteration 32% below budget, and in Iteration 4 the team delivered 30% more functionality than was originally defined for the same budget. The client was delighted with the results and was able to apply its hefty savings to other IT projects.

Software Consortium’s disciplined Agile project management process encouraged frequent inspection and adaptation; a leadership philosophy that encouraged teamwork, self organization and accountability; a set of engineering best practices that allowed rapid development of high-quality software; and a business approach that aligned development with company needs and goals through its many development stages.

Iteration 4, the latest major upgrade to this business system, addressed regulatory and other industry changes and included development and enhancement of its network and website, along with business systems that handle HIPAA-compliant information transactions between the client’s national association and affiliate members around the nation. Developed and implemented as a Service Oriented Architecture, most of the services support business to business transactions and included design, coding and testing of enrollment and eligibility web services, a DB2 data dictionary database, an e-business application, a DB2 database for use in the customer service web application and the integration of legacy components into Java components.

Software Consortium’s hallmark is its passion for high value, high impact delivery and the long-term relationships as a trusted advisor to its clients.

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