Enterprise Data Warehouse Tracking & Monitoring Web App

An insurance industry giant engages Software Consortium to stabilize and upgrade its data warehouse application. This application is the bedrock of their reporting infrastructure and is a key component of their new dimensional model and customer-focused reporting system.

Background: Software Consortium has been a partner with this client for over 15 years, providing project teams and key personnel for dozens of projects. One notable technical achievement was building their first Java Websphere application and training their Information Technology department to maintain the application. Many engagements have involved highly complex, high profile initiatives like Medicare Part D, or first-to-market initiatives, such as the client’s first e-commerce website as well as numerous advances that have come after.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Project: Embracing data stewardship and analytics is becoming an essential part of doing business for healthcare. The client’s ability to provide effective support to members and providers is in large part dependent on the quality of their data and their ability to properly analyze trends and exceptions.

The client was in the midst of a major project to upgrade their data analysis capability and to provide tracking, monitoring and trend reporting in a more timely and accurate manner. In doing so, the client needed to stabilize their current data warehouse application.

Unique Requirements & Results: The Software Consortium team created the needed stability by first providing a thorough analysis of all process components and automating numerous manual tasks that had been performed by the IT staff and Data Quality teams. A simple but effective web site was recommended to provide an up-to-date status of activity, especially critical during month-end processing. The newly developed web site provides the ability to approve data loads and to track the overall status of all sources that feed the data warehouse from both internal systems as well as external trading partners.

A scheduling system was implemented to address the varied times that data arrives from multiple source systems. Combined with the ability to view status on the web and approve data feeds for upload to the data warehouse, it significantly reduced the processing time, not only in time spent tracking status but also allowing the team to better focus on priorities. The client realized business gains of reducing cycle times from 10 days to 2 business days while meeting Information Technology governance procedures.

“Software Consortium has been a life-saver. They brought the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) production cycle in from 5-10 days to 2 days. Our Vice President and IT Director are both ecstatic with the results.”– Manager, Enterprise Data Warehouse.

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