Project Management: E-Commerce Application

Software Consortium provides technical project management for international nutrition and weight loss company e-commerce application.

With more than $400 million in on-line sales annually, an international nutrition and weight loss company selected Software Consortium to support its mission critical e-commerce application. Led by a Technical Project Manager, Software Consortium employed a team to develop features and provide 24x7x365 support of their e-commerce website. With daily average sales close to $1 million, downtime cannot be tolerated.

Project Management SDLC

Software Consortium provided a Senior Technical Project Manager responsible for project development oversight, production support, and configuration management for a $300M e-commerce platform.

The Project Manager provided technical leadership to define, lead and implement procedural changes around project management software development life-cycle standards for code builds, deployments, code management and environment management to support the company’s mission critical e-commerce solution in a rapid growth environment.

Specific tasks performed included:

Led team from undefined/unreliable build and deployment processes to highly repeatable and successful process.

Managed all sub-production and production environments, enabling 20-30 production releases annually.

Assisted client in assembling and managing a 24x7x365 Production Support Team.

Defined job descriptions and hired necessary positions for Development, Configuration Management, Ticketing Triage, and Application Support Management.

Worked with client to create and document technical procedures for off-hours support.

Led the project team to define and implement standard response procedures.


Led team and increased site availability from 99% to 99.999%.

Led team to reduce the number of trouble tickets by 50% and increase the short-term trouble ticket close rate from 59% to 85%.

For the past 4 years, Software Consortium has been developing and monitoring critical system processes for website orders and supply chain processes in fulfilling on-line orders. Software Consortium also provides software development services to enhance the e-commerce application in addressing new product offerings, system peak performance tuning and addressing scalability as the company continues to grow in sales volume.

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