Merchant Payment System

Empower Businesses, Drive Banking Revenue

Merchant Payment System is a fully-configurable payment collection and reconciliation solution that enables enterprise customers of banks to deliver a seamless payment experience to end customers.


For Banks

  • Faster customer onboarding process with quicker deployment
    Quick and easy to roll out to merchant businesses with 100% customizable payment collection templates that require no technical expertise
  • More customer wins, customer stickiness
    A strong value proposition to win more customers with the potential to strengthen existing relationships with merchant businesses
  • Increase in customer book size, potential to upsell
    Ability to make data-driven decisions to offer merchant businesses more banking/credit products

For Businesses

  • One dashboard view of all payments
    Ability to track and analyze payments from customer accounts through multiple payment methods, seamlessly in one place
  • Increased revenue with lower operational cost
    Faster collection of payments with minimal customer follow-ups and payment-related disputes
  • Access to enhanced credit facilities from banks
    Better creditworthiness with transparent transactions and an increase in current account book size

Salient Features

Multiple Payment Options

Integrate various payment modes like debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, UPI, and internet banking (RTGS, NEFT, IMPS) into a single platform.

High-volume Round-the-clock Processing

Highly-configurable and customizable prioritization of payment processing 24*7. High-volume transactions across all payment channels.

Secure POS Integration and Payment Processing

Incorporate POS systems to push payments to the terminal directly. Improve accounting accuracy by automating invoicing and setting-up auto-reminders, notifications, auto-refunds, and resolving duplicate payments.

Optimization of Revenue

Elimination of transaction declines with efficient routing paths. With an easy-to-configure rule engine, ensure optimum efficiency and minimize fraud losses while keeping track of critical escalations.

Responsive Dashboard and Reporting

All-in-one dashboard gives an analysis of payment data and business volumes. Day-to-day reporting of transactions and settlement data provides a comprehensive snapshot of performance, facilitating best business decisions.

Statutory Payments

Incorporation of federal and local body e-tax payments solutions that help banks increase their dealings with governments. API-enabled collection, easily integrable with ERP or CRM systems, ensures timely and safe payment collections.

Forex Payments

One-stop solution for handling all kinds of multi-currency payments with connectivity to online FX rate providers to achieve maximum performance, flexibility, and speed.


Real-time payment tracking, reconciliation of payments and invoices, and end-to-end transaction references that bring greater efficiency, transparency, and cost reduction while improving customer experience.

Alert-based System

On-time alerts and notifications about every event and announcements including approved and declined transactions, special offers, promotions, etc. for quick decision support.

SOA-Based Platform

Modular and layered architecture that provides a vendor-agnostic model to enable customers to scale their business with better business agility while reducing costs by eliminating duplicate or ambiguous functions.

Proven, Extensible Data Processing Models

A single, unified data management framework – from data collection to aggregation – to give the customers a comprehensive view of multiple transactions with analytical insights.

Improved Security

Blacklist suspicious customers, and prevent fraudulent transactions with highly-effective anti-fraud tools and the ability to recognize any type of threats, attacks, and dubious activities.

How It Works


Merchant Onboarding

Banks create a merchant profile on the platform.


Access Dashboard

Merchants access the portal and create multiple user accounts.


Collect Payments

Payment collections through a secure payee link using the easily-customizable templates.


Receive Notifications

Payee/Merchant receives receipt via SMS/Email when the merchant receives payment in his current account.


Analyze Payment Data

Merchants get access to historical and current payment reports to identify and model trends/patterns.

Types of Merchants

Schools, Colleges & Institutions


NGOs & Trusts

Clubs & Societies


General Stores

Government Bodies

Housing Dev. Authorities

Municipal Corporations