During two decades of services to key industries, Software Consortium professionals have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and successfully met scores of unique challenges.

Our clients are the best source of knowledge about their industries. Software Consortium’s collaborative partnership and learning culture enable us to leverage your knowledge with our expertise to achieve solutions that deliver greater value and are more cost effective.

Software Consortium brings a concentration of past performance and subject matter expertise in these markets:

  • Banking & Financial
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Transportation

When presented with opportunities in a new industry or agency, we consistently apply ourselves to the challenge and develop solutions that deliver value.

Banks and financial institutions are challenged by declining fees, high security needs, increasing regulatory requirements and a multitude of technologies that span several decades. For more than two decades, Software Consortium has partnered with client teams to implement new technologies and strategies to help banks and financial institutions meet those challenges.

At Software Consortium, we help our clients assess where we can have the highest impact, given their resources, existing technology, processes and business needs.


  • Built a custom system to eliminate licensing fees, which saved the client $1.5 million in licensing costs
  • Developed a regulatory system for credit unions within three months leveraging agile, cloud, open source and n-tier technologies
  • Modified a banking package to enable new online client features
  • Mentored client staff in new technologies and agile processes


  • Chase Bank
  • CitiFinancial
  • Legg Mason
  • M&T Bank
  • NeighborBench
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Wells Fargo Bank and others

Technology has advanced education strategies with new routes to learning, online instruction and assistive technologies that serve students of every description. Software Consortium has helped industry leaders develop innovative solutions in education delivery for more than 25 years. Software Consortium collaborates with marketing, operations and information technology staff to help them assess and leverage resources to have the greatest impact at the lowest cost of development.


  • Integrated a COTS financial aid system which leveraged a blend of agile and waterfall approaches and became a “model project” to others
  • Integrated leading-edge technologies for an online training solution used as a core system in a national network of learning centers, which led the client to choose Software Consortium as their only technology partner
  • Helped a client overcome leadership failure at the CIO and director levels and aided in the transition to new leadership; helped the new CIO create more effective leadership processes going forward
  • Created new requirements for a system that had been in serious jeopardy and implemented a solution that met marketing and operational needs for hundreds of service centers


  • Educate
  • eSylvan
  • Prometric Thomson Learning
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission
  • Sylvan Learning and others

The energy industry is leveraging technology to create new sources of energy, reduce energy consumption and reduce our footprint on the environment. Because energy is a commodity, solutions must be cost effective to compete and gain market share. Software Consortium clients leverage our knowledge of emerging technologies and existing frameworks to reduce the total cost of their solutions.


  • Developed a predictive energy consumption data modeling solution of high complexity requiring depth of subject matter expertise
  • Developed an enterprise power management software product that was deployed nationwide
  • Developed a cloud-based energy-saving “Big Data” solution for a start up
  • Developed a Web-based trading solution for a utility company
  • Developed a human resources solution for a utility company


  • Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
  • Bethlehem Steel
  • BGE Home Products
  • Constellation Energy
  • Crown Petroleum
  • Danfoss Global Group
  • South River Consulting and others

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All facets of healthcare are challenged to keep pace with technology to provide quality service delivery to meet financial realities and by the impact of government regulation. Since 1991, Software Consortium has helped clients integrate new technologies, was the first to market with new offerings and helped with heavy lifting of integrating new processes, including CMMI, PMOs, agile, etc.

We’ve assisted healthcare providers, insurers, third party benefits administrators, life sciences organizations and clinical research entities. Software Consortium’s healthcare subject matter and technical experts have helped clients navigate the challenges associated with developing new solutions, as well as develop large scale data warehouses and new technology platforms. Our approach to teaming with all the stakeholders in a solution — marketing, operations, other vendors and IT — ensures that results are kept as the primary focus.


  • Facilitated electronic patient record implementations
  • Implemented an enterprise-wide clinical research management system
  • Developed the nation’s first self-service health insurance rate quote system
  • Developed the first resident health portal for a national retirement communities network
  • Developed the nation’s first mobile physician referral system
  • Implemented Medicare Part D
  • Developed a complex Electronic Data Exchange for a national health insurer, processing more than 1 million eligibility transactions per day
  • Created the nation’s first customer benefits management portal for a national health insurance company


  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
  • Erikson Retirement Communities
  • Johns Hopkins Clinical Research
  • Johns Hopkins Health System
  • MedStar Health
  • MedStar Research
  • Meritain Health
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • University of Maryland Medical System
  • Veridicus RX and many others

For the past 25 years, Software Consortium has worked closely with many of the nation’s leading insurers. We have provided a wide range of solutions, and we have a strong track record of results. We have excelled, especially where IT and the business community have struggled with implementing platforms and processes, and could not generate business value for the level of investment. Statistically, 80 percent of IT implementations are deemed challenged; we have found that the insurance industry, due to the depth of data they manage, has unique challenges in implementing newer platforms and processes.

Software Consortium takes a common sense approach by addressing immediate problems and then helps the client assess their environment, resources and business needs. The experience of working with us builds trust and usually leads to clients engaging us for additional project opportunities.

Our knowledge of multiple generations of technology and human capital dynamics enables us to generate solutions that fit with your existing team, technology and business processes. Our collaborative approach has enabled us to routinely deliver business innovation at the lowest cost of development by leveraging your existing team and partners.


  • Developed multiple data warehouse and “Big Data” implementations
  • Developed customer-facing website and internal application for nationwide insurance company, which generates $2 billion in annual revenue
  • Developed self-service insurance rate quote system (a first in the nation)
  • Medicare Part D implementation
  • Developed complex Electronic Data Exchange for a national health insurer, processing more than 1 million eligibility transactions per day
  • Developed national health insurance customer benefits management portal (one of the first in the nation)
  • Developed Individual Marketing Organizations solution for nationwide network of insurance offices (first in the nation)
  • Created the nation’s first customer benefits management portal for a national health insurance company


  • Aetna Insurance
  • Armada Corporation
  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
  • Meritain Health
  • Monumental Life Insurance
  • St. Paul Companies and others

Modernization of transportation is challenged by rising costs and government regulation, so technological solutions must meet the demands of both pressures. Software Consortium’s track record in partnering with the private and public sectors to streamline transportation delivery and management has resulted in award-winning solutions and designation as a preferred prime vendor with the nation’s leading rail transportation provider. Our strong collaborative approach and deep understanding of four generations of technology and emerging trends ensures wise decision-making in solving your technology challenges at the lowest cost of development.


  • Implemented data warehouse and “Big Data” projects
  • Designed state motor vehicle administration Real ID program
  • Designed e-Business and e-Commerce software solution for nationwide parcel delivery service
  • Automated testing for the nation’s rail system
  • Developed mobile smartphone process replacing rail paper ticketing
  • Developed Wi-Fi implementation on trains
  • Developed system to report train defects


  • Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
  • PHH Fleet America
  • Traffipax, Inc.
  • UPS