Collection System

Automate Processes, Simplify Debt Recovery

Loan Collection System enables optimization of debt collection operations, assisting Banks and collection agencies in eliminating manual processes involved in managing accounts and communicating with debtors.

The secure and centralized collection system can be integrated with any ERP system for financial management and can be fully customized as per business processes and needs. It can be easily accessible via web or mobile.

Key Features

Banks and collection agents can say a final goodbye to money recovery issues and informal contracts; with the loan collection system making debt collection easier. The collection management system offers flexible, proven, reliable implementation.

Be it start-ups, large commercial establishments, or financial institutions, any firm can implement the collection system to drastically reduce delinquencies and improve debt collection.

Agency Management is a key feature of the collection system.

The collection system can automate services for all the functions of debt collection and recovery including:

  • Setting the priority of accounts to be called.
  • Distributing and sorting accounts amongst collectors.
  • Setting authorization levels for each collector.
  • Merging the debtor information with unlimited collection activity history, promise-to-pay history, history of changes made by collectors, and financial transaction history.
  • Collectors entering results of in-bound and out-bound calls.
  • Collectors can easily establish payment arrangements with their clients and schedule follow-up reviews.
  • Debtor accounts are automatically re-queued and re-scheduled as the accounts are worked.
  • Tracking the productivity and effectiveness of collectors and collection agencies for extended debt collection efforts.

Other Features

Centralized Dashboard

A central view of customer accounts and financial information, including payment trends, creditworthiness, and auto-generated reports, enables easy management of revenue, collections, and NPAs from a single dashboard.

Secure & Compliant

Secure integration of accounts, transaction processes, and cash flow in accordance with the code for collections of dues stipulated by overseeing agencies.

Configurable Processes

Configure the hierarchy process, rules, and prioritize collection by setting parameters according to metrics like outstanding amount, geographical location, payment due date, and creditworthiness.

Better Collaboration

Hassle-free collaboration between financial institutions and collection agencies to automatically distribute and sort delinquent accounts for arrears collection.

Automated Allocation

Create a customized set of rules to automate the account allocation process using Rule Engine that distributes accounts to pre-set levels with auto-approval, and actionable instructions.

Modern & Intuitive

Automate agent/agency onboarding and deboarding process. Auto-recommends account-level actions, manage correspondence of dunning for payment arrears and maintains a precise statement of accounts.


  • Increased revenue potential by catering to all income departments like credit cards, loans, etc.
  • Manage accounts and collections on the go using the mobile application.
  • Streamlined and error-free collections with a centralized tracking system.
  • Optimized resource use with built-in team performance management.
  • Reduced collection cost and TAT.
  • Intuitive features to seamlessly manage accounts and speed up collections.

How It Works



  • Onboard users/agencies/FOS
  • Set product types
  • Set allocation rules



  • Daily input of accounts



  • Auto-assignment by Rule Engine
  • Assign manually


Process Collections

  • Agents login to the application
  • Accounts populate
  • Pickup cases
  • Update collected payments
  • Auto sends receipts


Collection-Failure Fallback

  • Log details
  • Reassign
  • Pullback / Pushback