Test Automation | PrimeSoft Solutions Inc.

We provide Test Automation services starting from planning, tools selection, test environment setup, test data preparation, test script development, and maintenance to testing reporting. Our QA engineers use their expertise to ensure that the testing is done right. They help businesses test their applications across multiple platforms, devices, and browsers.

We ensure that the application is free from any potential errors with continuous testing. We isolate the product to understand the how and why in case of any errors. Our team uses a clear automation strategy and roadmap to reduce regression testing time and improve the return on investment. We believe in empowering businesses with our unique automated testing approaches and expertise that spans all Test Automation platforms.

A summary of our Test Automation experience is highlighted below:

One of Australia’s largest recruitment solutions providers
  • Automation of web and desktop based application
  • Technologies include Silverlight, WPF, and WinForms
  • Implemented data-driven framework that considers extreme input and verification conditions
  • Created proof of concepts for evaluation of automation tools such as CodedUI and Telerik Test Studio
  • Test cases, populating a spreadsheet in a predefined format, were executed using our automation framework integrated with SmartBear TestComplete
US-based high-value online auction marketplace
  • Regression automation of auction listings, online bidding, websites, and auction management (RFC systems)
  • E-commerce website accessed by thousands of concurrent users for bidding
  • Our automation framework was integrated with Selenium and TestNG for cross-browser UI testing
  • Jenkins was used for continuous integration of automation scripts and Maven for build
One of Canada’s largest retail game management web applications
  • Our automation framework integrated with IBM RFT helped in the reuse of test scripts across 17 different login roles
  • The framework supports spreadsheets to control test execution flow across machines, browsers, roles, and data sets
CRM application of an emergency response system for a North American medical devices company
  • Our automation framework was integrated with TestComplete to automate the testing of Pega based CRM
  • Used Empirix Hammer tool to generate calls and XMPP to generate messages
  • Events triggered in the application for call handling and message handling were also automated
Video collaboration software for a top tier US Collaboration solutions vendor
  • Distributed automated testing of a video conferencing solution
  • Selenium Grid-based framework running synchronized tests on multiple systems simulating participants
  • Automated testing of REST APIs using our Cucumber and Ruby-based framework
  • CLI based Restricted Shell APIs automated testing using our Python and Linux based framework
  • Performance testing using JMeter to identify application breakpoint and performance at peak load
Treatment device QA management software for a Canadian healthcare company
  • Developed test instances generator engine using international standard policy documents. This is used to verify the test application engine that generates similar test instances for treatment devices
  • Regression automation of a web application used to create and run quality assurance tests on imaging and treatment units to ensure that the equipment is performing as per specifications
  • Selenium and Java-based framework to run policy-driven tests and regression tests
End-to-End Test Automation of Angular web application
  • End-to-end test case automation of Angular web application using Protractor and Jasmine automation frameworks
  • End-to-end automated suite integration
    • Appium to run on mobile devices
    • Selenium to run on Windows and Mac machines
    • ‘Browser Stack’ cloud to run on cloud browsers and devices
  • Page object model based on services offered by different pages of test application
Business process flow testing
  • Testing of business or process flows developed using Pega PRPC, Netflix Conductor, and similar tools
  • Independent testing of PEGA Implementation and Case Management