Cloud Migration | PrimeSoft Solutions Inc.

Cloud migration is an essential step in business growth. Our cloud migration services aid in transferring databases, product applications, and IT processes from on-premise servers to a more effective and secure cloud computing environment. It results in cutting down on hardware maintenance costs, freeing up server space, and better flexibility. Our team of engineers assists businesses in a hassle-free transformation with proven methodologies and approaches. We help them rebuild applications and optimize their IT infrastructure with in-depth analysis and suitable cloud migration strategies meeting the company’s objective. Our technical experts’ team assists businesses in their cloud migration journey by implementing modern and reliable initiatives to ensure a tangible business impact. 

Our cloud migration services help implement the cloud strategy with a structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration while laying a secure foundation along with continuous performance improvements and DevOps implementation.

We customize migration strategy to meet the following objectives of businesses:
  • Moving physical IT infrastructure from on-premise to cloud
  • Moving data into cloud-hosted storage solutions
  • Moving applications and data to cloud application platforms
  • Moving from one cloud platform to another cloud platform
  • Build cloud-native IT and/or application infrastructure from scratch
We follow a three-phase solution approach:
Before Migration
  • Analyze/rationalize the current environment to identify which applications and/or infrastructure are more suitable for cloud migration
  • Recommend a suitable migration strategy
  • Recommend the type of cloud solution (Public, Private (or) Hybrid) suitable for the intended cloud migration
  • Provide architectural guidance for cloud migration
  • Provide guidance on security, compliance, and identity management
  • Assist in choosing the right Cloud Partner/Provider – Azure/AWS/GCP
  • Assist in estimating cost and timelines for migration
  • Discuss and partner on a Proof of Concept (POC) before migration
  • Some of the popular tools used: Azure Migrate, AWS Application Discovery Service, Azure TCO Calculator, AWS Cost Management, GCP Pricing Calculator
During Migration
  • Plan the migration milestones
  • Establish the required procedures to execute and monitor migration
  • Execute the migration plan
  • Establish continuous testing to validate and a feedback loop to sign off on milestones
  • Document the migration journey and communicate the status updates to the stakeholders
  • Some of the popular tools used: AWS Migration Hub, Azure Migrate
After Migration
  • Build and establish the monitoring
  • Monitor, maintain and manage the cloud infrastructure
  • Provide recommendations on cost optimization
  • Knowledge transfer to identified teams
  • Some of the popular tools used: Azure Monitor, Amazon Cloud Watch, ELK and Splunk