Financial Technology

In today’s dynamic BFSI landscape, the industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by evolving business models and changing regulations. This transformation is fueled by customers’ reliance on non-traditional channels and services offered by Embedded Finance, reshaping the way banking products and services are accessed. Open Banking has revolutionized the industry by facilitating the sharing of customer data among financial institutions, leading to increased partnerships and prioritizing personalized customer experiences. Composable Banking has emerged as an approach embraced by banks, leveraging open banking systems and API ecosystems to overcome challenges associated with core banking infrastructure.

PrimeSoft has 17 years of software engineering experience, working with Banks and NBFCs across the globe. We provide a wide range of solutions and capabilities to address evolving needs across lending, payment, banking, and insurance technologies. Our expertise lies in developing scalable microservices integrated with Open APIs and deployed on the cloud, ensuring high performance, security, and agility. We facilitate Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment through agile development practices, including DevOps Automation and Test Automation. Additionally, our specialization in User Experience Design, incorporating Mobile First Responsive Design principles, enhances the user experience of the applications we build.

Our expertise extends to working with large insurance providers, transforming core banking platforms and trade and supply chain finance products, and managing cloud infrastructure for large enterprises. We have collaborated with a few of India’s largest private banks to facilitate Bank User access to the buy now pay later product lines. We have developed a merchant-centric payment application that interfaces with multiple payment gateways to facilitate vendor payment and reconciliation. Also, we have built loan approval and collections applications used by NBFCs and Private Banks.


PrimeSquare is a digital platform that enables banks and financial institutions to efficiently process real estate Approved Project Finance (APF) and Non-APF projects.

Collection System

Collection System automates debt recovery processes, streamlines account management, and improves collection efficiency, ensuring seamless debt collection for banks and agencies.

Merchant Payment System

Merchant Payment System offers streamlined payment collection, tracking, and analytics, enabling enterprise customers of banks to deliver a seamless payment experience to end customers.

Our solutions enable seamless connectivity with data providers, credit bureaus, aggregators, core banking systems, loan origination systems, LMS systems, and payment gateways. By streamlining operations and enhancing data accessibility, we help our clients optimize their processes and provide exceptional services to their customers while being regulatory compliant.

With a dedicated team of over 500 resources, PrimeSoft specializes in Digital Transformation projects in a distributed development model. We prioritize a client-centric culture, quickly adapting to our client-specific needs, cultures, and systems. Our engagement model ensures a seamless onboarding process, saving time and effort for our clients. Moreover, our processes and adherence to standards have been strengthened over the last 17 years through collaboration with product development companies and enterprises in India, the US, and Canada.

Building Reliable and Scalable Applications

At PrimeSoft, we follow the 12-factor app principles to build reliable, scalable, and easy-to-maintain applications. These principles include running your application as multiple processes/instances instead of one large system and opting for horizontal scaling over vertical scaling. Following these best practices ensures that our applications are scalable and maintainable.

Our Technical Architecture

Our Technical Architecture prioritizes Security, Performance, Scalability, Maintainability, and User Experience as its core principles. Workflow and Entitlement-driven microservices and UI design systems are fundamental to all the applications we develop.

Our expertise spans a comprehensive tech stack, including UI technologies (Angular, React), mobile development (iOS, Android), hybrid frameworks (React Native, Angular Ionic), micro-services-based solutions (Java Springboot, .Net Core, NodeJS microservices), Cloud & DevSecOps practices (AWS, Azure, Terraform, Git/GitOps, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes), and test automation (Selenium, Appium, Protractor, WebDriverIO, TestComplete).

We leverage industry best practices and design principles to create robust and developer-friendly APIs. We prioritize optimizing the developer experience by simplifying change management, improving visibility, facilitating troubleshooting, and establishing trust. Our APIs are well-documented, fostering a vibrant developer community and ensuring ease of integration.

Streamlined Development and Deployment Processes

Our agile development approach, complemented by our extensive experience on Azure and AWS Cloud, enables us to implement and continuously learn and apply DevSecOps practices across various projects. This allows us to effortlessly establish a robust Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment environment and ensure seamless releases.

We strive to develop secure and scalable systems by delivering good code on time.