Financial Technology | PrimeSoft Solutions Inc.

As we continue to grow and evolve with innovation and technology, we try to apply the same in the different types of products that we develop for FinTech to meet client needs and expectations.

Our team works together to track and implement the best practices that have emerged over the years and develop products that are market-ready, secure, and user-focused.

We provide robust and secure digital FinTech solutions backed by modern technology to our clientele in FinTech across Insurance, Corporate Banking, Open Lending, Retail Banking, and Private Banking domains. The Financial Technology applications developed for various companies in the financial technology industry include Buy Now Pay Later, Corporate Payments, Liquidity, Trade, Supply Chain Finance, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, and Insurance Order Life Cycle.

Highlights of our expertise

  • Focused on user experience, performance, and security
  • Scalable microservices integrated with or exposed as Open APIs and deployed on the cloud
  • DevOps Automation and Test Automation facilitating robust Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments
  • Mobile First Responsive Design principles for web-applications
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Agile development using DevSecOps across distributed teams