Mobile Testing | PrimeSoft Solutions Inc.

Our test teams use appropriate QA strategies and tools to check the user-experience and performance of mobile apps on various mobile devices. Based on the requirement, we decide if the testing has to be done manually or adopt an automated approach to determine the consistency, functionality, usability, and compatibility of the apps on the mobile device. We plan and execute mobile testing with accuracy to ensure that each app runs flawlessly across devices and operating systems.

Our testing services include functional and UI testing of native and hybrid applications on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. We add value to your mobile app development project by ensuring that it is user-friendly and fully compatible with all the devices to deliver a quality user experience. Our efficient testing engineers work towards providing end-to-end mobile application services within optimal testing time and budget. 

We provide testing services on handheld devices like mobile and tablet devices as well as virtual devices like cloud and emulators. Our services are also applicable in different network modes (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE) and network types (Wi-Fi, Data) based on screen resolution, screen size, screen orientation, and keyboard orientation/customization.

We also expand our services to native apps built from Razzlabs, Hockeyapp, AppStore, and iTunes.