Product Re-engineering | PrimeSoft Solutions Inc.

By adapting to the landscape of change in technology and innovation, product re-engineering plays a critical part in the development of fast-evolving business models. For product re-engineering services, it’s essential for businesses to associate with a strategic partner who can execute their organization’s long-term plan and vision.

As part of product engineering, we offer end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management Solutions through product re-engineering, system software, and App development.

Our services are not only limited to creating new, technologically advanced products but also in assisting businesses in revamping their  existing products or software. Any existing product would require an update, or, as we  prefer to call it, a ‘business facelift’ once in a while to ensure that it’s up to the market standards. Our team of engineers and experts work together to help you validate your market relevance with our in-depth analysis and research. We also help you identify the areas of improvement and recommend the best-fit technology as per market trends to give your product a competitive edge and enhance your business value. 

Companies can leverage PrimeSoft’s expertise to redefine their business objectives for better performance and results. Our team of engineers and experts assists clients in improving product functionalities by optimizing programs, enhancing the existing features, and restructuring the design. We also make sure that the engineered product is scalable and flexible at affordable prices.

Highlights of our expertise

  • Re-architected applications to microservices architecture
  • Modernized user interfaces of existing enterprise applications and enabled access across mobile devices and personal computers
  • Transforming Ext JS based user interface into a responsive user interface using Angular, Clarity CSS, Bootstrap, and D3.js charts
  • Data ingestion and transformation from RDBMS to NoSQL database using Continuent Tungsten, Kafka, RabbitMQ and Elasticsearch
  • Orchestrating workflow using Netflix Conductor, Eureka, Ribbon, Spring Cloud configuration, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • API microservices development using Node.js, RESTful Web Services, GraphQL, Spring, Spring MVC, and Apache Camel
  • Keeping the development, staging, and production environments consistent using Docker
  • Deploying applications across cloud platforms using Cloud Foundry