SecOps | PrimeSoft Solutions Inc.

There continues to be a significant increase in cyber security risks and the challenges to eradicating those. Our dedicated SecOps teams proactively work to detect, prevent and mitigate cyber threats. We provide services where our team helps identify and prevent any security threats on  IT systems. Our highly skilled team of developers, programmers, and IT security work closely to monitor and assess risk and protect the company’s assets. With adequate IT security measures, our team targets improving business agility by keeping the systems and data secure. They immediately report a suspected cyber threat and mitigate the risk before it becomes an issue.

Our SecOps services can help businesses ditch the traditional security management system, and empower them by bringing in better clarity and eliminating risks efficiently. Some of the SecOps tools we use include SonarQube, WhiteSource, BlackDuck, and JFrog Xray.

We also focus on DevSecOps services, where our team facilitates collaboration and communication to integrate security into applications during the development cycle rather than treating it as an afterthought. Some of the  DevSecOps tools used by us are SonarQube and WhiteSource.